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Delegates:  Mr.Vijay Kalantri,CMD,and Mr.Vinay Kalantri, Projects & Procurement 
Website: www.balaji.co.in

To request a meeting with this delegate or for more information please contact: Bruce MacLellan, Managing Director,
Market Access International Canada Inc.: Telephone: 902-422-4863, Toll free: 866-891-6225, Email:

Dighi Port Limited is part of The Balaji Group which is involved in Infrastructure Projects, Export & Import activities and Telecommunications delivery within India. Dighi Port is a significant expansion of existing facilities to create an all weather deep draught direct berthing port at Dighi and Agarardanda in the State of Maharashtra. Dighi Port will offer bulk, break bulk, liquid, LPG / LNG and container cargo. Dighi Port Ltd. will offer all supportive infrastructure, utilities and communications facilities, connectivity and stack yards, warehouses, state of the art cargo handling equipment, pilotage and navigation capabilities as well as administrative & operations buildings, all designed to ensure faster turnaround of vessels.
Ideally located to accommodate international and coastal shipping, Dighi Port is just 175 KM from Mumbai , the capital of the State of Maharashtra and commercial capital of India. The Port facility is located within a 1000 acre parcel of land, sufficient to accommodate Phase1 requirements with ample capacity for industrial development.  Future development could include a port based Special Economic Zone with Free Trade Warehousing and a mega Power Plant to fuel growth. Dighi Port is serviced by  National Highway (NH-17) connected by State Highways,  which will increase efficiency for multi-modal transport. As well the Konkan Railway, which passes nearby is developing a connection to Dighi Port.
With the expanded facilities, excellent transportation options and projected traffic capacity of 20 MT, Dighi Port will present an attractive option for local and international shippers and industrial developers.
With the experience of the Balaji Group, and the diverse interests of this major corporation, Canadian companies interested in India as a market, as a transportation partner or as a source for quality products, should plan to meet with representatives of Dighi Port during their visit to Atlantic Canada.
For more information on the Balaji Group, visit the website www.balaji.co.in

Products & Services
Port & related services
Through the Balaji Group, infrastructure projects, export & import, and telecommunications delivery.

Mission Objectives
Dighi port Ltd. will be interested in gathering market intelligence to better serve our customers. We are interested in meeting logistics companies to present our capabilities for port and related activities, both export and import. We are seeking quality partners and representatives in Canada who are capable of servicing the demand for global transport, to and from India. As part of the Balaji Group, we are also interested in projects that may extend beyond Dighi Port..

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